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The service manual covers how to fix it. Hopefully your dealer knows how to read the service manual.

Basically you first test the clutch, and the manual tells exactly how to do that. Clutch working perfectly, and you're still getting a block out of a gear, then it's time to get into the trans and replace what is out of whack. Could be something like a bent shift fork, or the gear/blocking ring/synchro set needs to be replaced as a set. If it does it all the time, possibly that fork issue. More intermittently, I'd lean toward it needing a gear/blocking ring/synchro set. The manual covers that stuff has to be replaced as a set.

A good trans tech will follow the manual step by step, probably has it memorized, and know exactly how to diagnose and repair.

If it is really rare in happening, may not be worth messing with. Possibly the gears/blockers aren't quite lining up. I've had many 6 spds do that on rare occasions. Just bump the car forward in 2nd, then grab first again and take off. Especially if it is a really low mileage car.
Sometimes all that stuff just needs a break in. My new SS does that on occasion where I can't grab 1st, so I just bump it a bit in another gear then 1st slides right in. But if its a higher mileage car that just started doing it often, that's when I'd look into it as a possible problem.
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