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Originally Posted by masonwader View Post
I own a 2011 LS with a manual transmission. It currently has only 9k miles.

Occasionally when at a stop (like a red light), I cannot push the shifter into 1st gear. I can move it into 2nd, reverse, or any other gear, but on these rare occasions 1st gear is blocked and I'm often left with pissed off people behind me so I take off in 2nd.

This is probably the "lockout" I've read about that should prevent you from shifting into a gear at an RPM that would put you past red line correct?

Is there any recall or known information on this before I go look like a fool in the chevy dealership?

Also, I tried to search for similar topics, but I'm terrible with forum searches... and I apologize if this already has a ton of posts.

Thanks in advance!
Yeah, mine does this too. It occurs too intermittently for me to try and take it to the dealers though. I'm sure they would try it out and if it works, just write it off as having found no problem.
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