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Originally Posted by 1leNPP View Post
Thank you for the info. A cheap way to make a little more HP and keep the stock valve train is to go with a LS9 cam......

You may want to go with a adjustable sway bars front and rear . Its look were stuck with ZL1 bars for now . I be looking forward to your UP Grades and how they work out for you.
I will look into the LS9 cam...but am torn on opening up the engine as I would like to keep a warranty for a little while...

I believe Pedders makes a swaybar for the rear of the car I was going to look at.

Originally Posted by SUKXOST View Post
interesting to read...wanna borrow my 1LE for a day? :P
Yes, Yes I do!:P)

Originally Posted by davidcroft View Post
no sh*t! Matt I installed Eibach lowering springs,American Racing LTs, Vmax throttle body and K&N intake kit.

Round 1 of bolt-ons complete....I need you to drive it though

Nice write up.
Thanks, I think you will be very happy with those mods you have listed as they seem to be just what a 1LE would need for me...

Originally Posted by Nick S View Post
Hey Matt,
Regarding your rear sway bar, from what I've heard from Pete at Pedders is if you put their 32mm ZL1 Rear bar on the 1LE it makes a nice improvement over the stock sway bar set up.
Yes, I plan on talking to him before my next outing at the end of June.

Originally Posted by Abdi View Post
Great write up and nice to hear a fairly unbiased impression......

What did you think of the stock tires?
Thank you, Stock tires were fine and predictable....I did add a little camber as mentioned above and the tires look good. I may add a hair more neg. camber (-1.6 / -1.7) for my next outing, but I still want it to be pleasant to drive on the street.

Originally Posted by Abdi View Post
I'm aware that long tubes and a tune are typically the most bang for buck, but would getting a custom ECU tune without any bolt on upgrades have any significant gains?
My understanding is no as they are tweaked well from the factory. Tuning a stock car only puts more strain on the motor. This info comes from a long time good friend of mine that has been involved with the LS motors for years. He has an Engine Dyno and a AWD Mustang dyno and has been tuning for 20+ years...NOW, he said these motors love to breath so heads, headers, cams or intake and a tune will do it wonders...

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