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Top Replacement in Central NJ?

My parents have had their '11 convertible for almost 2yrs now. With 23k miles it is showing considerable wear on both sides. No tears yet but the material is really rubbed down/smooth. I've been reading about top issues on these forums since last spring when we first noticed the wear on their top. I see that there is now a newer part# for the parts fix and other different details people have posted up. I'm thinking that once fall comes it would be a good time to have their top looked at.

With that, anyone in the central NJ area have any success with their tops being repaired/replaced? Which dealers have been responsive and reliable as far as repairs go? I read on here that Freehold Pine Belt had some negative remarks against them and I know someone who works for Lakewood Pine Belt who said they've done a handful of convertibles but he can not say as to how they came out.

Anywhere else that you guys have had success with? Thanks in advance.
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