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Originally Posted by christianchevell View Post
ss mod, zl1 mod, CAI, quantum capacitor with 9.7 gigawatt imploder.

Yes gears get it to the ground and make a real seat of the pants feeling as you go fast quicker and do you know your gear ratio? DO you have a automatic or a stick? These things matter, and then there are different things to be considered v-6 vs v-8 and if a new throttle body would help, and other various items and next thing you know you have thousands dumped into a v-6 and if that's what floats your boat.......

And of course money always matters..........
Sticking with a v6 for a couple years, but I am going with a CAI intake for my next mod. my gears are 3.27. (I think). Throttle body in the near future!
my mods I plan are the CAI, Ported TB, Solo high Flo cats, Drag radials, and maybe dry nitrous in the future too.
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