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Pohanka Chevrolet service

Ok, last weekend on the 10 of August I called to see if they could get me in to fix my oil pan leak. I was told the parts were in stock and it'd be done by Saturday afternoon. I said fine as long as it would be done on time because I was leaving on Sunday morning for a trip with my kids to the beach. Saturday comes. 4:30pm I call to check on the car. Service person that I was dealing with left for the day. Didn't even bother to call me before leaving... Bright and early I call on Sunday morning asking about my car and why it's not finished and why I never recieved a phone call on Saturday if there was an issue. Short answer "we had to order the part". That sent me through the roof. Long story short. I got my car at 1pm so no beach. Fast forward 1 week. I'm outside cleaning me engine bay and notice somthing shiny down by the engine mount. When they did the gasket fix they forgot to put the nut back on the stud for the mount.
Drove back up there today and spent 2 hours for them to fix it
If you do use them for warranty work, do yourself a favor and go over your car when you get it back.
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