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Originally Posted by Doc View Post
The new Stingray is going to be a huge hit. It's going to pull in customers that were never Corvette customers before. In fact it's going to enjoy a similar sales ride like the 5th gen Camaro did.

The Corvette group will learn from the results of the 2014 Camaro refresh and not make that mistake with their refresh of the Stingray. GM will learn from it too and take particular note of the outstanding success in racing of the Z/28 and consider re-issuing a Z28 to capture that glory in sales on the street. There'll be serious talk of putting Mark Stielow in charge of the 6th gen Camaros and move up the release to recover from the softer-than-expected sales of the 2014.

In defiance of Obamacare and the damage it's doing to the economy, Twinkies will be reborn and experience a revival. Many well-known fast food burger drive throughs will see a surprising and unexpected softening of sales, but pizza will defy all economic conditions and fly in the face of political correctness to continue to power Americans everywhere. The burger industry will try and adapt by coming out with pizza burgers. Recognizing what a threat the pizza trend is, the government will mandate that pizza meet new health and safety requirements. As a result of meeting the new mandates, the cost of pizza will rise and that will be the final straw that causes a vast political upheaval.

A third political party will rise to power that's never been in power before; much to the dismay of the Democrats and Republicans who'll start having secret discussions about it and get busted meeting together in a warehouse in Cleveland with Pizza, Twinkies and unconscionable amounts of soft drinks. This will be exposed on the internet by video taken with a GoPro camera attached to a rogue drone. With Twinkie stains on their shirts and pizza sauce on their faces, Democrats and Republicans will demand an apology from GoPro and launch an investigation into the drone.
Lol talk about a change of direction. I was with you 100% up until the second paragraph then i spit out some beer and had a good laugh thanks I needed that....
I like my woman like my milk shakes, THICK!!!!
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