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Originally Posted by charlietuna View Post
Do you used the towels on the rims or no?
yes...but again seperate ones...Usually, I load in two towels at the end that I use one per two wheels each...I always buy wheels that are easy to clean and like wide spokes rather than honeycomb wheels like TSW nurbs - too hard to keep clean...I also have a lower quality waffle weave for just wheels...

I might add the amount of rinseless changes for me too..if the car is dirty with real road grime, and not just landed pollen and dust, I'll up the Rinseless to 1-5 to 2 oz for 2 gallons and it gets really slippery....

and after all towels are washed and dried - you need to check the towels for small bits of bark and other things that embed, that might scratch before you use them again....
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