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Originally Posted by RedTexasSS

When you are ready to tune your Camaro, I highly recommend Tampa Tuning. A friend and I purchased HP tuners and contacted Phil at Tampa Tuning for mail orders tunes. His prices are very reasonable and he is very easy to work with. You simply download your stock tune file, along with your list of mods and email them to Phil. He works his magic and sends the tune file back to you. You upload the new file to your vehicle. He will ask you to use the scanner function in HP tuners and send him a scan file. Phil checks the scan and makes adjustments to the tune until every thing is perfect. He transformed my Camaro into a real beast. It has awesome power and the transmission shifts great, it's a blast to drive. Phil tunes the torque management and you will be amazed at the performance of the trans.

Great job, Phil. Thanks again.

Originally Posted by poorboy10
I agree, did the same thing, Phil is amazing at what he does. My car is a different animal.

Thanks guys. I treat my mail order calibrations like I do from my dyno runs. We do back an forth with data collection and changes until im happy with my numbers. Then we're done.

Guy ask me if I do remote tuning on Forced Induction vehicles and I say mostly No. I don't mine providing something that will make the car, but in FI cars to much can happen to fast, and it needs to be real time for monitoring.

Enjoy the car and the remote tuning program, with HP Tuners

Originally Posted by ytown87
Recently did my cam swap on my own. Phil was nice enough to meet me up at my job the next day and do a street tune just so I could drive the car around smoothly and safely (he was golfing in the area...that wasnt a guarantee he can meet everyone all the time haha).

The next day he went with me to the drag strip for the Modern Muscle Shootout and did some more tuning while there between runs.

Couple days later he made sure the car was all the way dialed in perfect on the dyno. Beyond the amazing tuning abilities...Phil is the most reliable and stand up guy there is.
I also had a buddy with his Corvette C6 who had a diablo tuner and cat back on it. He ended up taking his car to Phil the same day I did and ended up getting it dialed in perfectly. He called me right after to let me know the the car felt so much better instantly and was completely shocked at just how much of a difference it was having Phil fine tune the car over his handheld. He had a complete trans and engine tune done and loves his car even more now.

Phil is the best!

This Camaro is a Animal now. Just a little story. Ytown was installing a cam, and asked me if I could stop by to load a start up tune so the car would not stall. The stars aliened that I was able to at the end of day after playing golf. But guys that know me, know I just cant stop with a upload. Ytown did a little driving around his parking lot building, so I adjusted his Fuel trims, Idle, Wanting to stall, and we had two shot at little WOT in 3rd gear. I did enough to make the car run good and not die out, but no wear did I add enough to make it powerful. At the end he asked me how much he owed me, and I said nothing, Im not done. I just want you do have a good car to drive to the track.

The next day, 6 or 7 guys from the Tampa Tuning race team were at Bradenton track, YTOWN gets in one clean run and I have more data collection from my scanner than from a parking lot. So I make some calibration correction, then the car dies and the code is for the hand ported throttle body. I clear it, Ytown get a good dig, but dies again with the throttle body code. So I tell him follow me home, I have 15 LS3 cores there, Ill give you a stock core just to make sure that was the problem before his scheduled dyno tuning on Monday. As soon as I plug in the new throttle body, the check engine light went off and never came back.

Then two days later, I got him on the dyno. I know my baseline calibration was good, but I didn't make it to potential. I just wanted to car to be drive able for the weekend so I could get it on the dyno Monday. Adding to stock throttle body back on fixed the codes the was pushing him into reduced power.

The start up calibration dyno run pulled 475RWHP with a blip of 492 RWHP. The 475 RWHP would have been great for most guys, but I want to spend a couple hours calibrating it on the dyno fixing some surging, the idle RPMs, hanging idle, fueling, and main spark timing.

End results from bolt on, intake, a cam equaled 506 RWHP
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