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Need help!

Went over to the mall this afternoon to shoot some pics of the area that I am looking to use for the meet. 10 seconds after I parked and got out with my camera Grandpa Rental Cop drove over and told me since it was PRIVATE PROPERTY I could NOT take any pictures without authorization...

With that being said, I waited until he left and shot a few from the car....

I then went across the street to Applebee's to check out their back lot:

I have a name and number for Applebee's and will call Friday evening. However, since they hold NFL Football packages each Sunday and especially since the Skins are out of town on the 24th I imagine that they will be packed.

I drove thru the Hooters parking lot and no way do they have enuf room for even 15 cars given again it is a football Sunday.

I have one more idea and will pursue tomorrow. If anyone who plans to attend has any ideas as to a location please feel free to post. I am thinking based on the responses that we will have 15-20 cars so room is especially critical.

Regarding the mall, I don't just want to show up and start parking in any of the lots just to be hassled about it and having to leave.

I'll post again tomorrow evening after the call to Applebee's and the result of my other idea....

Take care,
Dave aka 40again
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