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Originally Posted by Bumble Bee '77 View Post
What Tag doesnt want you to see......
That's great!

Actually, you are right, in the sense that I don't want people to be able to see any lights on my car. So, I put in hideaways. I have red/blues in the back and wig wags up front. I need to put in two more up front, two more in the back, and a mini bar in the back window. I've got video in my computer somewhere of it....just spent a while looking for it but can't find it. I'll take new video of it out in the street when it's dark tonight and get it put up as soon as I get a chance. It looks pretty cool. I started installing the lights for off duty jobs working on road closures. But, since I have't finished them....... they are kinda just sitting there.

BB, thanks for the "cop chop." I loved it! 4th Gens decked out with lights were always cool, IMO!
Loved the pix of your Camaro.....very clean....nice shine....great pix.

Saladbar, I'd bet anything I've got that issue in the house somewhere.
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