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Originally Posted by Bumble Bee '77 View Post
that is so cool! I wish I could have flashers on mine. but then youd really have to pull me over and probably arrest me for impersonating a police officer. lol
As long as you don't run them on the street. You can use them at the track, at race events, car shows, etc.

I want a couple of the LED's to put in my front facia and under the sides of the rear spoiler (hang on to spoiler type ...below spoiler on sides).

I've got two more hideaways sitting in my garage that I really don't think I can use. If I put them in the headlights, the red/blues will get downed out by the headlights. If I put them in the bright lights, they will get drowned out by the brights. So, no headlight option. But, that's specifically where they are supposed to be mounted. So....I'm planning on using the last two of the channels to run some ext mount LED's up front.....and maybe I'll splice the wire to run two more off the back.

But, I'd Looooooovve to get thin stick lightbar. I've seen those for the inside of Camaro's (4th Gens) and they look sooooo cool.

Originally Posted by Bumble Bee '77 View Post
I took some new pics, I need to find a nice place to get some professional pics taken but these will do for now.

Did the little accent on the back with chrome paint and lotsa auto tape.

(p.s. How much HP does my windshield sticker add?)

Is that a second gen under that tan car cover there???
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