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Originally Posted by OuSoonersGirl View Post
Congrats on the new order. Why didn't you like the manual? Just curious because I was going to get the manual and then changed my mind for the automatic but changed it again at time of order back to manual. I haven't test drove any Camaros.
The automatic has a "manual" mode where you can decide when to shift. I did test drive a manual V8 and a automatic V6.

I've always believed that manuals have less maintenance trouble but with a 100,000 mile powertrain warranty you can't go wrong.

Also with an automatic I can drink a cup of coffee, read the paper, and eat a sandwich while driving!

That and I have 5 speed Honda Accord.

Speaking of which I wish they would make the interior of the Camaro the same quality as a Honda Accord EX. Too much plastic feel to the Camaro interior. But I knew that when I ordered it.
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