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Of course he can be hit. Here's where we separate the people that know what they're talking about and those that are just flapping their gums. Mayweather will more than likely let the fight go as long as possible knowing that McGregor will want to knock him out or simply can't go the distance. Mayweather CAN go the distance, he WILL control the fight and he will make McGregor his bitch.

My humble opinion is to the untrained eye it might look like a run and hide, duck and jive kinda of match for May, but remember that boxing is about lungs and defense as much as it is about skill and punching. Boxers have to be much faster and have much MUCH more stamina than MMA fighters and I've seen McGregor gas in second rounds of MMA fights. 15 minutes vs your peers and fighters of your caliber and fighters you are somewhat much better than vs 36 minutes of boxing vs the greatest boxer, (arguably ever) is much different.

There's a huge percentage of natural talent that comes into play here as well as training that you add on top of that. Let's say that ideally both fighters are in the same exact shape and train to the exact same standard and perfection.
Which fighter has the edge when it comes to natural boxing talent?

There's a reason you have to bet $550 on Mayweather just to win $100.
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