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Originally Posted by ta=kid View Post
The camaro will need every bit of it since it is about 3 to 400 lbs heavier then the vette and about 600 lbs heavier then a 2003 ZO6.My 2003 ZO6 got 30mpg in high gear crusing at 55mpg.Just on another note I walked all over a charger SRT8 which also is a 3800lb+ car like the new SS camaro.
LS3 Coupe weighs 3217.
C5Z weighs 3118.

LS3 Camaro weighs 3860. That's 6xx over the C6 and 7xx over the C5Z.

And FYI, Charger SRT8 weighs 4160. You had half a ton and a stick over him.
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