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Originally Posted by Teleplayer View Post
"I've got plenty of headroom and then I realize that the seat is actually up"
Did this model have the sunroof?
Yes, it did. I considered opening the roof on my way back, but I'm really just not much of a sunroof person. More of a T-Top or targa top person.
Originally Posted by dect View Post
Nice write up, one of my favorites, actually! So, was the V6 loud any? Say, louder than a V6 mustang? or a V8 Mustang?
I honestly don't know. Don't really pay attention to the Mustang exhaust unless it sounds particularly nice or particularly bad.
Originally Posted by TJ91 View Post
Not louder then a V8 stang, but i guess louder the v6 stang.
Ive got to rev the v6 and drive it, and the same for my brothers v6 05 stang, so i would go with a little bit louder, and two completely different exhausts notes, id have to say that the stang has a little more agressive exhaust note
Sounds like that's probably about right. I wasn't that impressed with the V6 exhaust, but I still think it sounded good.

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