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Originally Posted by spacecowby View Post
I'll start off by saying this is not on my camaro but on my wife's 2010 tahoe. The drivers side inside door handle was broken and wasn't opening the door. So I took it to the dealership thinking "No problem it's still under the 3 year/36,000 mile warranty. Well they tell me its a certain part on the inside of the door but they won't cover the work under warranty because the windows are tinted and it appears that the window tinters took the door panel off. I had the tahoe tinted the day I bought it in 2010 in South Carolina, I am now in Hawaii. How would they be able to tell if the door panel was taken off and who cares if it was? I emailed chevy twice to ask about this and try to get it settled but they never emailed me back. My wife called them and finally chevy called back and said it's up to the dealer if they want to fix it under warranty or not and they didn't want to but they would give me 15% off the part and labor. And since I'm in Hawaii I only have 2 choices of dealerships and they both said no. Anyone else had anything as stupid as this? This is really turning me away from Chevy.
I don't think this is really a Chevy problem so much as it is a Hawaii Chevy dealer problem. I was stationed in Hawaii for several years and I used to have an S-10 (new at the time). Being as there were only 2 dealerships to go to, they knew they had you trapped, and they were both shady as hell. I never had a problem with my truck until I took it to the one on (I think Nimitz) by the airport, for regular maintenance, at which point I had problem after problem, almost magically. They actually caused a problem with my fuel lines that they refused to fix, stating that I couldn't prove it was them, even though the fuel smell in my truck was not there until I picked it up from the dealership. I hate to say it, but you're not gonna win with them. They are shady, and if you are military, they're even less likely to help you. I'm sure you've figured out how that goes by now.
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