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Do you even lift, bro?
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Originally Posted by Kronix View Post
I word....Meth.

Check out ALKY Control Methanol kits, best made Meth kit out there, each one is custom made per vehicle. Adds 25% HP & cools IATS by well over 50-60%. Been running mine for over a year, at 700+ RWHP and 11-11.5 lbs of boost
what other mods do you have to get to 700+WHP? Just meth and bolt ons with your TVS? JRE said not to go meth with my car..... wanting to cam and meth. I have the AI comp chiller kit on as well so my "IATs" are lower when on.

Originally Posted by victoryred1ss View Post
Mine runs cool, I have the hex vents and the 1/2" heat spacer that JRE sells. I can drive mine for an hour and the chager is still cool to touch.
over 700WHP as well....what other mods?
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