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Originally Posted by Silver Surfer View Post
ok, so it looks like im looking at a mid-later Oct. delivery. Just realized that i wont be getting any sunny driving weather out of it till next year.

So i was thinking how am i going to wash it during the Winter?? Cant really hand wash it, i live in Tx i doesnt get that cold, but i still dont want to go outside and play with water in the Winter. All the car washing places are closed, and PLUS I WOULD NEVER LET SOMEONE ELSE PUT THEIR HANDS ON IT..

So i guess im asking yall what it the BEST way to wash it during the winter..
I just returned from Texas! Went to see the Cowboys in their new stadium. It doesn't get THAT cold in Texas!!!

My first thought was to visit a car wash with bays, where you could pull in, and wash by hand, using your own supplies.

I wash mine here in the North East during the winter...I wash it, then get it inside the garage asap to finish. Do you have a garage available?

A BIG help in keeping your car clean during the winter is to get protection on it as soon as you get the car. A good coat of wax/polish will be a huge help in keeping your car clean.

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