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Originally Posted by Chris@glimmerglass View Post
Ok, here are the pictures, as promised.

Now, this was a bit of an extreme example. I wouldn't recommend letting the vehicle get this bad each time. I just did it to show that its possible

For those that arent familiar, the product that was used here is Optimum No Rinse. It is a hoseless wash, meaning that you only need your 5 gallon bucket, a few ounces of ONR in the bucket along w/ some water, a grit guard (highly recommended) and your wash mitt(s). Although you can use a microfiber towel, my preference is a lambswool mitt since they tend to hold more water.
Now, you can also mix a little bit in a spray bottle and prespray a panel beforehand but its not necessary.

As mentioned, you dont need a hose. You can simply start by washing your first panel w/ the ONR mixture, rinse it out in the bucket and move on to your next panel. This stuff is a life saver for winter washes and those who live in areas where they dont have access to a hose (ie: apartment complexes, etc). ONR isn't reserved for winter only. I cant even begin to count how many customers use it as their regular wash product (my personal preference during warm months is still a traditional wash though).

Anyway, heres some pics. Enjoy

Looks Good.. BMW man huh, thats next on my list..
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