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More Service Troubles: 1 Solved + 2 New Problems

Hello fellow enthusiasts.
You may remember my last thread about my local dealer taking 5 seperate visits to solve my problem of noise coming from the "heater core inlet valve."

Well..... less than a week goes by and now I had to make another trip to the dealer with 2 new problems. I felt my HVAC unit was making more noise than usual, as I could hear the fan spinning when it was on. I never heard this before. And to top that off, my heated seat on my drivers seat stopped working. The lights would stay on for a minute or so, then just turn off by itself.

So i brought it into the dealer for repairs. To sum up the 2-day ordeal.... they are clueless about the heated seats, and they replaced the "blower motor." But now, the HVAC "spinning" i hear is even louder than before.

Am I being too picky here? Does anyone else hear the fan spinning under their dash with the HVAC on?? I expect it to be quiet, as it was last winter.
Am I expecting too much???
2011 Camaro 2SS/RS LS3 (SIM/BLK)
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