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Originally Posted by speedster View Post
Excellent build thread Robert !!

Brandi is going to be a BEAST - in a good way.

JR has one of the best looking TT kits out there and he's a good dude. Very well thought out and not boasting HP numbers in the stratosphere. I don't think you will be lacking on power in any way.

Cool stuff. You gotta keep on posting the pics !!

Looking forward to this one.
It's gonna be a lot of fun. When I first met Corey, his first question threw me for a loop, he asked me how much power I wanted.... not knowing what to say, I said 850 to the wheels... Then as we spent the next two hours talking, I realized what I had said and he brought me down out of the stratosphere...MG, thats about a 1000 HP at the flywheel... Thats when thee realization set in... hmmm... Ok, lets be realistic about this, but......Corey has gone above and beyond in managing a build for me that will be amazing and still driveable.

Several of us were joking about the video taping of the dyno runs, and Corey said he wanted to videeo tape my first ru through the quarter...

I'm looking forward to it....

I'll try to get some pics tomorrow, I'm making a trip to the track weather permitting, last sane car drive oppurtunity...

Thanks for stopping in...
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