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Originally Posted by Jagerday View Post
Well considering titanium is more ductile than steel I might be pissed if he kicked my titanium house. Steel will not deform from a swift kick, it has crazy high tensile strength.

Just bustin your balls...I wouldn't even think about it if someone kicked my steel bumper. If it was the body of the car, I might kill him. I understand you might not like what he did, but this is no reason to end a friendship.

I understand what you're saying, but consider this. The same friend has a '70 Camaro and whenever he takes it out I am always SUPER careful about all my movements in and around the car to make sure I don't even leave a scratch. The thought of even nudging any of his body panels wouldn't even cross my mind. Then, he goes and does something like this. Kinda f'd up don't you think?
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