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Camaro5 Fest 2 Convoy Itinerary

Hey guys. I think we need to start an itinerary for all the CA convoys we'll be having. Throw some ideas out there and let's start coordinating.

The first post will be updated with new information. Thanks!!
  • From Pleasonton, Ca to Bakersfield is 4 1/2 hours.
  • Norcal must leave around 5AM.
  • Bakersfield meets at 10AM
  • Leave Bakersfield between 10:30-11:00AM
  • Arrive at Casino in Cabazon to meet with socal around 1PM
  • Leave Cabazon by 2PM
  • Possible gas up and meet with Canadian/Vegas group in Blythe at 4-4:30PM.(working on this)
  • Leave Blythe around 4:30-5PM
  • Arrive at hotels around 7:30-8PM
Update: Adding areas where convoy groups will most likely be started to join the massive line.

SF Bay area:
Sacramento/Elk Grove/Folsom area:
Fresno: Kleinz truck stop off Hernon
Bakersfield: Merle Haggard

All So Cal groups should plan to be in Cabazon at 1:00 to meet the Nor Cal guys and gals and be ready to leave NTL 2:00 We are driving out to the location this weekend to get a better idea of where we should meet up.

The meet up for the IE will be the Moreno Valley Mall. (I need to drive over there and get the exact location that should occur this weekend weather permitting)

The LA area group will have 2 different locations:
Northern LA area: Bobís Big Boy 4211 West Riverside Dr, Burbank this can catch everyone north of LA
South Bay/Southern LA: TBD (can someone from the Area please suggest a spot)
San Diego: are you guys still meeting at Quailcomm?
High Desert Area
: TBD... is there enough coming for the High Desert Area to have a meet spot. In my opinion more the 1 is enough
OC: Carls Jr 8361 La Palma Ave Buena Park
South OC: old Circuit City El Toro Road and the 5
South Riverside County: Sam's Club Parking Lot Murrietta Hot Springs & the 215
San Diego: TBD
North San Diego: TBD

I will post maps and times soon.

If you haven't already please send Comm17 your contact info that is requested from this thread.
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