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The biggest thing I tell anyone and everyone that asks these questions is

"Don't modify your engine if you're not willing to pay for the consequences of it failing. All things will fail eventually and if you don't do all of the supporting mods that need done at once you're setting yourself up for failure. P/V clearance checks, good springs good rods, check lifters, rockers, replace to melling oil pump, upgrade fuel pump (depending on cam size), tune done by a very qualified tuner, and obvious suspension and diff bushings to accept the added power without bad deflection."

Here's why I say this. My 1st cam was installed in my car two years ago tuned by a local tuner. After four months I started developing a small tick (thought it was nothing). The tick turned into a frozen lifter, flat spot on the cam and a bent exhaust valve.

2nd Cam - Installed by a different shop (very well known on camaro5), Pistons were flycut, valve replaced pushrods checked, melling pump installed, and lifter and rockers checked, Glad they did because I had a rocker set that was loose. Professionally tuned by Chuck Anders ChucksLSXTuning, Diff Bushings upgraded to pfadt, and I've had it over 10,000 miles of hard spirited driving and its been with me every step of the way. Things will fail. Stack your $ because insurance and warranty dont exist! ;-)
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