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Originally Posted by 08-G35s/6MT View Post
Tell him to take his happy little *** down to Thunder Valley and walk the talk. If he's auto 4.0 he won't break 14's, probably mid-high 15's @ 90-93 all things considered.

-Hey I think I saw your Camaro at 4th and telephone a while back ? I have had my 2012 rental 1LT V6 Camaro for a month now.....
Mine can be recognized by the tinted side markers and the smaller halo's. That and I drive like an old lady. I was probably doing errand's that day since I work at the airport. How are you liking the rental?

That guy won't race, he said it costs too much. His wife (who is the only money maker, he won't work because he owes back child-support on 2 kids) gets paid on every other Thursday and they are broke by Sunday. He is just one of those types that talks crap but can't back it up. His transmission also makes a noise like a gear being stripped every time he puts into drive.

Sunday looks like it will be a good day at the track. High in the mid 60's, 5-15 mph winds from the north. Hopefully we get some good times.
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