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Had a bad case of cabin fever today and the temperature wasn't too bad so I decided to take some pictures with my wife's new DSLR.

A couple of weeks ago I received a Remin Exterior kit in real carbon fiber and I wasn't sure how I'd feel about it but I think I'm going to keep it on. It has trim pieces for the triangular portion near the mirrors as well as the door handles.

Name:  Remin Exterior 1.JPG
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Name:  Remin Exterior 2.JPG
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Name:  Remin Exterior 3.JPG
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I also haven't posted any pictures of the Billet Custom items I've installed but here they are!

Name:  Billet Custom 1.JPG
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Size:  269.1 KB

Name:  Billet Custom 2.JPG
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Name:  Billet Custom 3.JPG
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Name:  Billet Custom 4.JPG
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Name:  Billet Custom 5.JPG
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Name:  Billet Custom 6.JPG
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Name:  Billet Custom 7.JPG
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I think this is a neat picture of the entire engine bay as well.

Name:  Engine Bay Overhead.JPG
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Here's a picture of some products coming in for my next project.

Name:  Subs.JPG
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