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Karen & HTWLSS

Hi, Nice to see someone else in Idaho,

I'm up here in North Central Idaho -still waiting too :( but i ordered mine i October 2008 and my dealer knows nothing ever when i ask sooo i just wait i guess until it shows up in town... I too have been waiting since the Transformer movie came out - they look so cool. I checked around a few weeks ago to see if there were any dealers anywhere within 500 miles that had one just to look at, but no luck yet.

I wanted Yellow like in the movie but wanted the orange interior too.

I ordered a 2SS/RS in Inferno Orange and IO interior too. Black hockey stripes and 21" wheels with the ground effects package + more.

anyway if either of you get through the area let me know i would love to see your cars ( and any one else who has one that comes across this thread) when you get em.

Take care, Ted

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