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Originally Posted by vcyclenut View Post
we have had clutchless full throttle shifts on motorcycles for years not sure why with all the electronics they couldn't do the same for a car.

we put a sensor in the shifter linkage the cuts the ignition for a split second and allows it to slip into the next gear. full throttle the entire time no clutch needed.
I think it may be related to the design of the transmission in motorcycles vs automobiles , sequential in motorcycles vs cars with the H type shift pattern, I have shifted gears in standard cars with no clutch but I had to rev match going into the next gear, and I have done no clutch up and down shifts on dirt bikes with no grinding or other noises, although the shifter effort was higher

Originally Posted by Eich View Post
At high RPM, my SS won't go into 2nd without grinding even with a lift-shift. I can't imagine what horrors await with a no-lift-shift.
on my cobalt SS when I no lift shifted into second it would usually grind sometimes it would just grind and not go into gear at all , I figure the synchronizer for second was weak , thats one of the reasons I started getting automatics ,there's less to worry about transmission wise , both self induced and defects
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