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Not to thread jack but...

All this talk about PCV has me wondering if there isn't a slightly better solution for my N/A car? I know its not as big of a deal versus a forced induction car, but wondering if I could be doing something better.

On my LLT I'm running the Vararam intake and catch can. Pretty standard setup for the catch can on the passenger side. PCV runs to can, then can to the top of the intake.

As for the clean side, the Vararam setup doesn't have it going back into the intake. Rather, the clean line just goes to a very simple chrome capped breather with no type of check valve (the vararam unit is hiding the breather in the pic below). Its a cheapo you can get from autozone. I've had to replace it once already b/c the foam inside the breather became soaked with oil.

After some of the bad luck we've seen with the RX one way check valve oil cap, I'm a bit reluctant to run one of those.

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