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Sway Bar Help for 2012 SS

Hey guys, I'm scoping out my next suspension mod and was hoping to get a little input from people who have gone with aftermarket sway bars. Current suspension mods are a pretty short list and include:

1 - Pedders rear subframe bushing inserts
2 - Pedders extreme front radius rod bushing inserts
3 - BMR UCA bushing/mount replacements (very soon, installing before sway bar purchase)

I wanted to follow Justice Pete's advice on the upgrade path for these cars so I did bushings first. I am not totally sold on the front radius rod inserts (they helped a bit, at least it was an easy install) but the rear subframe inserts made a tremendous difference, added lots of confidence at the race track.

I track the car (NASA autocross and HPDE) and enjoy briskly driving the back roads of course, drag racing is not a consideration for me (tried it once and decided it would be REALLY fun with a REALLY fast car, but getting a '12 SS to that level would cost a fortune so maybe when I'm older... and richer...). I am classed for autocross as NXB and only have a point or two left before being bumped to NXA. I want to bump to NXA next year when I get coilovers on the car but for now I think sway bars are the wisest choice for the point or two I have left; also it is a relief to not be changing the ride height as with that you of course have to spend money on alignment, corner weighting, bushing tuning, likely an alignment "kit" of some sort, and etc etc etc, just swapping sways should be a simpler and cheaper process.

I contacted LSR regarding their bars (which seem to be highly regarded around here) because their site list a 2010-2011 kit and a separate 2012+ rear bar. I asked them why there was no 2012+ front/rear kit and they emailed me back saying it was because of the electric power steering on the 2012's prevents their 2010-2011 front bar from being compatible and they they are working on a new front bar at this time. I informed them that for 2012 only the ZL1 had EPS, the rest of the Camaro range not getting EPS until 2013, so we will see where that goes.... I like the idea of the hollow bars being lighter which is why I would like LSR's.

So in lieu of the LSR situation what other bars have people been happy with? The Eibach seems the cheapest but once you upgrade the mounts and endlinks it's the same as the rest. The Detroit Speed bars look pretty, real pretty. Pfadt is a no go and the Pedders bars are just downright confusing (Z bar this, ZL1 bar that, Z bar is THE BEST, unless you have a converted LCA and blah blah blah, whatever to all that). I want the bars to be adjustable and I don't ever plan on running slicks so they don't have to be racecar stiff. Any opinions on what would be the best company to go with?
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