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Originally Posted by NotYetLegend View Post
Thanks Keith. I looked at the suggested kit and read the install/setup doc as well. I'm surprised the motor gets jacked up for the front sway bar work but everyone does say that front bar is hard to thread in or out of there so maybe this just saves some of the frustration?

In regards to the front end links, ELK005, I see this note posted on the description for it, what does it mean?:

--> NOTE: compatible on 2012 models only when used with 2010/2011 style rear sway bars. * <--

Pretty lost on that as there is no * anywhere else in the description identifying that this note applies to ELK006 as opposed to ELK005 for instance (which would make sense) or anything else like that. Summit Racing's site lists 2012 in the ELK006 "Applications" list (beginning year = 2010, ending year = 2012) so this confuses me even more.

The fact that you can't simply upgrade just the sway bars themselves is confusing. On these cars the census seems to be that you need sway bars (2 pieces), upgraded/re-sized mounts (4 pieces), upgraded endlinks (4 pieces) and then BMR's roll mount stabilizers (2 pieces, rear only). Soooooo, that's like 12 freaking things, if that doesn't raise a BS flag what does? Does everyone that upgrades their sway bars actually buy a "kit" AND then all the extra stuff to make them not rip out of the subframe etc...? Maybe this area has gotten too much attention from the aftermarket over the last few years and has just arrived at a frankly silly answer to the OEM bars?

Furthering my confusion LSR says (in their email back to me) that the bushing/mounts included with their sway bar kit is good for the street, but you have to upgrade to the billet mounts for the track. Seriously it says the following, "I would recommend the billet bracket & endlinks over the regular ones for anyone doing high performance driving. (required for autocross or open track)"

Why no option to just buy the kit with the billet mounts? Who spends this much cash on sway bars to not go to the track? Why do I now need to buy 18 parts to change out 2?

If anyone knows of an actual "kit" for the 2012 SS that is shipped with all the parts you need, no metal tearing out of holes, no buying a kit and then half of the parts again if you want to go to the track, don't even care about the price at this point, PLEASE let me know about your experience.
The 2012 is the hardest year to deal with sway bars!!! Mainly because the shape of the front sway bar didn't change yet, due to no Electric Power Steering (except for the ZL1 as you mentioned). However, along with the FE4 upgrade of the rear suspension, GM did upgrade the front sway bar end links. The actual thickness of the rod is a little bit thicker than they were in the earlier FE3 suspensions, and they also increased the size of the mounting studs from 10mm to 12mm. So, the SB016 front sway bar (which is included in the SB037 kit) will match up perfectly with the Front End Link Kit (ELK005), which both utilize the earlier 10mm studs and stud holes in the bar. However, if using the ELK005 on a 2012, you will have to do something about the larger mounting holes in the front strut where the end link mounts. can either keep your factory front end links, and drill out the mounting holes in the sway bar itself to accommodate the larger studs. Or, get the ELK005 and maybe use a small 1mm spacer or something on the upper stud to take up the extra room in the mounting hole in the strut bracket. Unfortunately, we don't have any of those little spacers, but I would assume you should be able to find something that would work at a good hardware store. Clear as mud????
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