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Originally Posted by nfamous209 View Post
i wont compare the 3.6Di to a 2JZ quite yet. as we dont know what the internals of the engine can handle. the 2JZ has pretty strong internals, thats why it can handle boost with ease. so to say that the 3.6 DI can push 450-500hp is hard. can it handle it with forged internals yes. but stock internals, thats the big ??????. i'm sure it can handle some decent power. oh and i believe the compression of the LNF is 9.2:1 not 10:1
The 2jz isn't a direct injected engine. Most of the high HP 2jz's you see are also NOT running stock internals ... So my point being with some time provided the fuel system for the 3.6 L isn't limiting it to 305 HP already we will see higher numbers with a tune and later on down the road if forged internals become available it will be a respected motor.. Plenty of guys who own 2jz's can vouche for the simple fact that the motor stock can't handle past 450 HP without blowing rings etc. DI injection requires a very high PSI and the injectors are usually the limiting factor of how much HP you can gain with the stock Fuel system . Running WOT on a 2.0 produces in the range of 2200 PSI to achieve the pressure levels it requires at that high of RPM ...

Adding 2 more cylinders just means you are going to need an even higher pressure fuel pump along with some other things but DI technology allows you to run a good amount of boost efficiently without requiring top of the line forged internals because the fuel is injected into the cylinder similiar to diesels . A lot of trq to be had from DI ...
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