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Originally Posted by 09CobaltSS/Turbo View Post
Sounds like you do. I am just saying from experience and ventures of the new 2.0 LNF Turbo DI engine The limting factors for this motor are the Pistons & fueling/tuning , which are cast and rest is pretty well forged in the LNF which I haven't seen any detailed info on this 3.6 yet except this:

Features found on the 3.6-liter VVT DI include:
Aluminum engine block and cylinder heads
Dual overhead cams with four valves per cylinder and silent chain primary drive
High-pressure, engine-driven fuel pump
Advanced multi-outlet fuel injectors developed to withstand high pressure and heat
Stainless steel, variable pressure fuel rail
Four-cam phasing (VVT see description below)
11.3:1 compression ratio
Aluminum pistons with floating wrist pins and oil squirters
Polymer coated piston skirts
Forged steel crankshaft
Sinter-forged connecting rods
Structural cast-aluminum oil pan with steel baffles
Electronic throttle control with integrated cruise control
Coil-on-plug ignition
Advanced direct injection capable engine control module (ECM)
Optimized exhaust manifolds with close-coupled catalytic converters
Fully isolated composite camshaft covers
Outstanding noise, vibration and harshness control
Maximum durability with minimum maintenanceCommon manufacturing practices for efficiency and exceptional quality

These are going to be your 2 limiting factors everything else is pretty well accounted for as far as being stock. Like I said we cobalt guys are limited to around 400 WHP and thats with a HUGE garett gt28R kit. Still a 2.0, Aluminum pistons on the 3.6 and Fueling .. I am sure with aftermarket this motor will be hitting 600 WHP . The cobalt has cast pistons and guys are pushing 400WHP with no problems, same with the soltice guys. The lag and SURGE is because of the high pressure DI and only just a short window of time to spray the fuel in .
the LNF is a great engine. i wish they used slightly stronger pistons, and that engine would be the next 4G63, and we know how popular those engines were. capable of around 500hp on stock internals. so far the LNF is withstanding the 400whp mark, which is very impressive. I'm loving how its responding to mods. only time will tell on the potential of the 3.6, I do hope GM did good by building it strong to withstand some power.
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