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Originally Posted by 09CobaltSS/Turbo View Post
Yeah but that is only because it has a turbo from the factory and " nanny " control. The ECU limits the HP and trq so that no matter what it is always at around 260/260 .... and usually 15-18 is the max amount of PSI that it will do un-tuned depending on elevation, and climate. A tuned LNF takes away the nanny control and changes the A/F ratio to allow Maximum Boost and the car will accept MODS without throwing a CEL. GM put a very conservative tune on the LNF only to release a stage kit for the LNF giving people 300/340 warrantied, all they did was add a 3 bar MAP sensor and a couple other little sensors + a new tune. They have not released a stage kit for the Cobalts yet only HHR SOLSTICE GXP , SKY REDLINE. Because the DI motor going into the Camaro will be naturaly aspirated I guess only another 25HP/30Trq to be had out of tuning alone. CAFE and Emissions is why we are seing such conservative tunes but I find after tuning I get better MPG's becuase It gets up to speed faster without wrapping it through all the gears.

Who ever said DI can cause problems and is hard to work with just doesn't understand the nature of the technology ... In fact more HP can be had a lot easier out of a DI engine VS FI engines with the right tuning capabilities. We 2.0 LNF DI guys have come to the fork in the road and that is we cannot access the Fuel tables wee need to tell the Direct injectors to squirt the fuel in any faster and the stock LNF DI's are what is limiting us but no worries HAHN has come up with a solution to add another fuel rail to the manifold causing the turbo to be almost 50% more efficient. A lot is to be learned from the LNF carrying over to the 3.6 DI ... Basically all the foot work will be done for you 3.6 L guys and the more people following the tuner scene the better.

HPTuners will have the Camaros ECU cracked in no time at all I am sure of this .. If new pistons are even required to crack 500 WHP I would be suprised. GM has recently thrown down the gauntlet and we will be seeing 600WHP Cobalts and Solstices by the end of this year . I promise you that.
GM has put a lot into these new platforms with the "tuners" in mind because ultimately High performance cars is what gets recognition in this world.

The SKyline GTR was an awsome car so many people thought the new GTR to be of the same Caliber only to find the transmissions grenading etc etc One guy reporting 2000 dollar maintenance fees just to change the fluids in the thing ... IMO the V8's should just be phased out of the economy sports car market and only for the High end muscles like Vettes and Cobras .. NISSAN lost their asses on that car and now say the new Spec V GTR will not be released to Amercian because we "Aren't Ready for it" Yeah well f off Nissan we don't want your transmissions and you just disrespected America and car enthusiasts across the Globe. Just because of that ignorant statement I will never buy any foreign car or even think about buying a foreign car no matter how cool it may seem ( like a genesis coupe.) speaking of the genesis coupe they are slow heavy pigs and the 4 cyl version has way more potential then the v6 being a 4b11 BLOCK and the rest of the car is pretty well Hyundais parts ( heads etc ) the world motor is also founf in the Caliber SRT4 and ofcourse the Mitsubishi Lancer and we all know the EVOs can be 500 AWHP + very easily from a 4 cyl so a lot of competition in the market right now. GM has stepped up their game and understand what we want and expect from a V6 performance car given the NISSAN 350z only comes with a v6 that a lot of people super charge ( the DE motors Blow up pretty easily) and I am sure that GM's 3.6 will haul more ass then that they are at around 450 HP supercharged on a stock v6 FI DE motor...

Mustang v6 twin turbo - 600 WHP ......

More like that just look on youtube ... v6's are lighter and more efficient with boost. Think about the Grand National GNX

Here is some food for thought

And how old is this car ? v6 turbo 25 years ago 500 HP .. I Love spanking bigger dispacement cars with a FI car..

V6 TT's are the future replacements of V8's, and rightfully so.

I mean, what's the point of a V8 with V6TT's running around that are stronger and more efficient. I know you can TT a V8 as well and be capable of more than a V6 can throw at it, stock bottom end'ed turbo cobras run ~800 rwhp on pump gas, and over 1000 rwhp with fuel, but that's just rediculous. I'd buy a factory V6 turbo car to replace my cobra, if I had the money that is .
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