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Okay so i've bought all of these products from your recommendation thread and from asking you, and let me tell you i am more than pleased with these items. They are awesome and in my opinion imperative if you have a camaro or any car that you praise like everyone does here. Thanks CamaroDreams! You made it so easy to find products, and not waste money on products that suck

Opimtum No rinse- whether its clay lube, or just bc i dont want to break out the hose, this stuff is the best bang for the buck! smells great too.
Optimum Car shampoo- love this shampoo! smells amazing!!! Id say Adams shampoo is just a little under this shampoo. I think it has higher lubricity in my opinion, and did i mention the smell!!? Also very cheap by the gallon and received a free 10 wash mit.
Menzerna powerlock- Washing is so much easier now, and has amazing protection with awesome water beading.
Menzerna pf2500- awesome! Barely an swirls left, car looks new! great if you dont have the time for all the polishing steps, can be used as a 1 step polish.
Blackfire Midnight sun wax- WOW, this thing brings out the metallic in the IBM and leaves a deep wet look
Gilmour fomaster- So much fun to use, and it makes washing the car a hell of a lot easier because it does alot of the work before the actual wash, definitely great to use on a car that is heavily soiled.
Adam's SVRT- AWESOME! use it on my tires, trim, grille, lower grille and my previously plasti dipped rims. great stuff, it restored the plastidip's color on the rims from 4/5 months of not really cleaning them(wasnt sure how to clean the plastidip)
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