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Originally Posted by 2K05GT View Post
I think that you will see a TON of V6 Models, that will be the staple, if Chevy does not make a lot of them then how will it survive, Ford made 250,000 a year with 3/4 of them V6's (not factual, just a guess so no attacks). I am guessing that GM will make and sell just as many camaros as they did in previous years, ther in the business to make cars not collectors items. Like Shelby, Saleen and Roush, they are limited production cars.

I and going out on a limb here but I would like to see the following, V6 Base (240hp), V8 standard (400hp "Z28 & 425HP SS) and a super camaro limited production (500-600hp) (like GT500). But by 2011 there will be just as many camaros on the road and there are mustangs today. and I can't wait to add one to my stable
I believe that 3/4 of Mustangs are V6's...just count during the week - Fog Lamps = V8, no fog lamps = V6...

hmm Z28 = 400, and SS = 425 I wonder where that number difference was derived from...
^^^^ But I agree.
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