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I cant lie i had a v6 mustang for 6 months and i was one of those j@ck@$$es that thought i had a fast car. I had to try because that was the car my dad could afford after he took away my 69 Camaro a week after i got my liscense. its probably a good thing because if i would have kept driving the 69 i would still have no liscense and there would be one less restored 69 camaro in the world. now the 69 has a nice life sitting in a controled environment out of the hands of a crazy teenager only getting ocasional drives on sundays. he will still not let me drive the car and im literaly less than 24hrs away from being 21 years old. Im so glad i found my truck and got away from being a v6 mustang punk. i belive that in order fro GM to sell 100k to 150k units a year there will be alot of v6 camaros running around. that is the only way GM can make money off this car. sadly that is why the camaro/firebird took a break in 2002. GM could not make enough money off the declining sales of the v6 to make up for the cost of the v8's. I belive that the camaro will live for at least another 35-45 years because they have learned from there mistakes if you can call them that. so i belive that there will be a bunch of v6 camaros running around. the only difference is the top v6 camaro in my belief will have close to 300hp i dont think GM will get close (10-20 hp under 300) because of insurance purposes. however if you think a 2009 camaro even if GM goes 260 hp at the wheels for a v6 will only be 40 hp short of a 2005 Mustang GT/(whatever they call it today) thats quite a performance gap no matter how you look at it. I believe that if there is a bunch of V6 camaros running around so be it, if it allows the z28 and ss (or even the super camaro?) to be affordable to the common blue collar worker so be it. if it is good for GM then surely it is good for all GM and Camaro enthusiasts.
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