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i agree Jeff, i also never used launch control yet. my clutch was horrible stuck alot when just driving the car and it made me look as if i was just learning on how to drive manual. Then the slave cyl,t/o goes and they just replace the bearing and tell me the hydro. fluid is supposed to be black lol.

5k miles after the repair my t/o goes again and ruined my clutch. Chevy thought i was launching the car to the moon with all the questions they asked me i laughed and said i never ever used launch control and Never drove the wheels off the car. They gave me a new clutch kit and said they replaced the fluid. I go home and check the fluid and its black. Not just Black but also with lots and lots of black particals i believe from the clutch. I flush out the system again till no more junk and its clear. Now very soon im gonna launch the car all the time cause i want to see how my tranny holds.

Im always checking the hydrolics and in about 2 weeks its starts getting dull in color why does this happen????
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