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Talking SS2 2010 Rally Yellow - New Pics.

I see a lot of awesome new 2010 Camaro pics on this forum so I
just wanted to share some new pics of my own Camaro to share with you guys and gals. I took the pics myself on October 09, 2009. Hope you like them: ) If you get the chance would love for others to share their Camaro pics as well on this thread Would love to see some 85 Camaro's. I wish I still had mine. I miss that car: )

Just a little info on him
I ordered him back in October 2008. He was finally delivered on June 14th, 2009.

I went through flat black stock rally stripes, but couldn't stand them. Then went with the Vinyl bumblebee package and those were not any better:(

I eventually just got them painted gloss black. If your planning on getting rally stripes, your better off getting a detail shop to paint them on. I was fortunate enough to have a longtime friend's detail shop work on mine. If your in the Las Vegas area and need custom work done. Hit up Autobahn Excellence, they did an amazing job.

The Autobot emblems I put on when I first got the car, months before they ever announced the Transformers edition.

I took it to the 2009 Henderson Super Run in near Las Vegas, had to share it with all the kids that was a blast. My Camaro was then used by Jerome Williams (Former NBA Basketball Player) for a photo shoot it should be in his upcoming car magazine.

Here's the new pics

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