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Originally Posted by Moose View Post
I've never seen a paint chip in the shape of a perfect circle before! If it looks like the paint has flaked off, (which the shape of the mark leads me to believe) you may try visiting the dealer and showing them. They may fix it for you, or at least offer a solution, ie; paying for some of the cost of the repair. That appearance of a perfect circle leads me to believe its a paint issue, not a rock chip.

Either way, it shouldn't be too costly to repair if you choose that route.

And just some advice; although I feel exactly as you do, re; marks driving you crazy, I've learned to not get so worked up over them...they're a fact of life and just about unavoidable.

Good luck
Thanks! Yea a flake off seems more likely than a chip now that you say that. I couldn't figure out the lingo.

Yea, it is nearly a perfect circle, which may or may not be a good thing.

I'm taking my car in next week to get the squeaky seat fixed as well as the radio face polished, so I'll ask them about the spot on the bumper.

And my new car fever is still pretty bad. Had the car for a bit over 1 month and I'm still freaky about it.

Originally Posted by Moose View Post
Are you sure thats not something on the paint??? Taking another looks, it almost looks like something ON the paint surface. If thats the case, that can be corrected fairly easily.
When I was claying the car before my Zaino applications, I rubbed the hell out of that spot and nothing came off. I couldn't really feel it but I had my dad check it out and he thinks there's a little indentation, so missing paint.

Let's say it is something stuck on the paint, what would you do to try getting it off?

Unfortunately the clear bra is on now, so I don't know if I could cut out a little section while checking and repairing or not. I'll send an email to my 3M installer about it.

Thanks again.
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