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Originally Posted by Moose View Post
A Zaino user too huh? Me too!

OK, back to your paint issue, if it is something on the surface, try claying it first. If it's a mark, some 'Stoners Tarminator' may work too.

If it in fact needs to be repaired, while the dealer can do it, a reputable body shop may cost you less. Seeing how new your car is, I think if you're honest with the dealer, and explain to them that you recently noticed it, (and, seeing as it looks like some kind of paint issue versus a chip) I think they'd be willing to work with you to repair it.

Let me know how it goes.

Oh yea, big Zaino fan for many years. I've read a ton of threads in this section and saw you advocating Zaino and it made me like you before I ever spoke to you.

First step will be to contact my 3M installer and see if he's got any advice on getting to that spot and if he'll give me any sort of deal on a re-installation of the front fascia.

Then I'll re-clay and use the Stoner's Tarminator if necessary. If that does not work, I will talk to the dealer and see what they say. I'm scared to even ask the dealer, but the sale's man knows I'm anal about the car and since I have a clear-bra on and will be re-installing, it's not like I'm going to be coming back all the time for paint chips/flakes....most likely at least.

I'll see if anyone else has some input, and will definitely update when I can.

Thanks Moose.
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