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For your Information: remaining pre-orders will start being built

For the ones that believes or accept (something) as true; feel sure of the truth as One that search for it can find it.

So, after saying that, I like to inform you of this. The word is that they are going to start filling all pre-orders first now.

If you still don't think so, Call your salesman (manager) and ask him about it.
He may not have an official notice yet. This is what I found out.
[SIZE="1"]1100, Preliminary order accepted--3/5/09
2000, Order accepted by GM
3000, Order accepted by production control--8/14/09--TPW(9/14/09
3100, Order available to sequence
3300, Order scheduled for production
3400, Order broadcast-- 09/14/09
3800, Order produced. VIN# 9/22/09
4000, Available to ship
4104, Bailment Invoice
4200, Shipped
4300, Intermediate Delivery
4B00, Bayed
5000, Delivered to the dealer. 9/27/09
6000, Delivered to the customer. 9/29/09
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