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Originally Posted by scorpio View Post
I don't like this SS bumper either. It destroys the near perfect mixture of agressiveness and elegance that made the concept such a great design. This SS bumper looks kind of primitive. I know some people don't like to read this, but it's my honest opinion.

I'm not happy about this as I am considering to get an SS but this front fascia is a real turn-off.

if i'm not all you "i hate the ss bumper" people, GM posted on their website about A. different front bumpers available. and B. different grilles available. I'm gonna play around with that lower grill insert and i bet it would look better. its just too busy with all those crosshairs. something more simple would be much better. but yeah, i'm pretty sure with all the controversy a friggin' front end has created they will make it super easy to take off and swap out...if GM doesn't offer it themselves..
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