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Originally Posted by Jimmy View Post
I have thought about this a number of times. I can't imagine the government not funding GM for a while more. The government may require a structured prepackage bankruptcy. In my mind... chances are pretty high that the Camaro will be built. But... who knows... if in a couple of years if car sales don't pickup... anything could happen. By then we will all be driving our cars.
There's no doubt production will happen since the official start is only about 2 weeks away. However, I think we'd better get one while we can. GM is going through money at the rate of nearly $100 million per day, and the economy is going to get worse before it gets better. Bankruptcy is a very real possibility, and probably the only way to control the bleeding. Given the size of the budget deficit, it's not likely that the Obama administration will continue to pour money into GM and Chrysler, even at the risk of alienating the unions. Never in my lifetime did I think this could happen.

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