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Originally Posted by Nitroman28 View Post
I find the TVS2300 to better priced for what it is then the Rearend conversion kits. They are way over price. 5000.00 and you still have to buy the center section and it uses the 9in housing you can buy for 250.00. I've bought complete Moser 9in rearends with Strange axles and complete center section for 3500. I just don't see where they get the price from. Put Camaro in the name and the price triples.
Haha, I was going to mention this in my post a few up from yours. Not to mention it is 60's technology that has been around forever. I can't see where the expense is in these. I built the 9" in my vega for about $2000. That was narrowed with strange axles and spool too.
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