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Originally Posted by wildpaws View Post
That should be absolutely correct, Camaro SS should get base Vette engine, I would expect a Camaro Z/28 to get something else.
It is certainly possible. I think we've seen a new V8 in mid-generation on the Camaros in the past. The thing is there is no engine that clearly fits the Z/28 mold at this moment, so all we can do is speculate. It could be an LS7, but that engine series is nearing the end of its life span. It could be a new small block, and it could be a yet to be announced LS8? Right now, we really don't know. The SS could keep the current LS3 through the end of the generation, or it could go straight to the new Vette engine. Is GM likely to implement the new engine immediately in all applications? If not, then I could see the LS3 SS remaining and a Z/28 recieving the new V8, or even the LS7. Otherwise, we have a 475 hp SS and still no clear cut Z/28 engine, and no engine that has been announced as of yet for the ZL1. So many possibilities...
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