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Originally Posted by fbodfather View Post
>We want to sell as many Camaros as possible -- because that allows us to work on a 6th gen........but to do that, we also know that the car has to appeal to more than just enthusiasts -- and that's where the V6 comes into play......
This V6 Camaro is going to be a huge success for Chevy in the general market. Having a powerful 300hp coupe for $10k less than what other companies would charge for the same power is huge.

The V6 is hands down the best in it's class when it comes to power/cost. Obviously undercutting the ever popular Mustang GT and V6. Same story for the SS, similarly HP & feautred cars go for $40k easily. See: G8 GXP, Challenger & Charger SRT 8.

400hp & Brembos for $30k is unheard of. 1 month ago I wasn't even looking for a Chevy until I stumbled upon the price and specs. Now I'm sold.

Originally Posted by Chemical View Post
Hmmm... CAFE to play a role in the future? I know that doesn't mean the Camaro will go away... so we're getting a hybrid? Electric Voltmaro?
Maybe 4-Cylinder Turbo.
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