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Help me pick my Stealth Cam

After a lot of reading and comparing I located the cams above as some of the most stealthy sounding cams. Don't get me wrong: I love the lope of a cammed car but for this project it is very important that the car sounds as stock as possible. The most important points are:

- No lope. The car should not sound camed.
- Gains under the curve. To me the lower and mid powerband is most important.

Based on the specs above and your experience - which cam sounds the most stealthy? And which one shows the best gains in the lower and mid powerband?

P.S: I decided to ditch the following Cams. Although they are very nice cams with good reputation they have at least one criterion which doesn't fit my needs.

- LS9 Cam...........................(Although the idle is as stealthy as it can get - the gains are just to small)
- Lingenfelter GT11..............(First this was my favorite cam - but the lifts just seems to extreme)
- LG Motorsports G6XE.........(To less information - no soundclips available)
- JRE Smooth Idle Cam.........(Nice Cam and the support from Ted is outstanding. However after listening to some clips I realised that there is still some lope)

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