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Originally Posted by ayousef View Post
how about some intercooler mods even if you have no engine mods, sounds like a good idea.

On the other hand, I wonder how much of those aftermarket suspension parts do good other than claim, something like the trailing arms and tie-rods, if they claim to fix wheel hop you arent getting any wheel hop on a roadcourse so what are the benefits, and since those were developed on the SS how much different is the ZL1, does it still need those mods?

Going by the if its not broke dont fix it approach.
Already have engine mods and cooling taken care of.

In regards to arms, I am more interested in the poly bushings. Stock arms have rubber, poly is MUCH better suited for the track.

Originally Posted by MPR View Post
Is there a reason why you went with the DTC30 front instead of a DTC60?

Spending on a road course most of your time, then I will suggest to start with these

Motul 600 brake fluid instead of the superblue
DTC60 or DTC70 for the front pads if you like hawk
5 point racing seat
5 point harness
300-320 mm steering wheel
4 pt roll cage min
minimum r888 285/315 or better yet hoosiers 295/315/335 in 19's
more aero front splitter and carbon wing
minium double or triple adjustable coilovers
camber kit. need more camber/alignment
Sorry, when I said I spend most my time on the road course I meant vs. the drag strip. This is still my daily driver so I gotta keep it somewhat reasonable. I had DTC-60's on and they had to much initial bite. I am trying the 30's to see how they perform.

I am waiting for Pfadt's mag coil over system or else I would have went with coil overs instead of springs.

As soon as the new Recaro's are available for purchase I will be buying them.

Originally Posted by DrkPhx View Post
Two questions: Can you weight those rotors and compare them to stock? Can you measure the diameter of the rear Pfadt sway bar? Should be 34mm

I would definitely consider the LG Motorsports rear chassis brace. It only weighs 27-lbs and was track tested to help stiffness of the rear suspension. Also curious to know what alignment specs you're going with.
The RB rotors are a total 16 lbs lighter than the OEM Brembos.
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